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Sheet Metal Mold Production

Sheet Metal Molds are produced for the white goods, automotive, heating-cooling, electrical-electronics, energy, wooden packaging sectors.

Press Production

Sheet Metal Part production in the range of 25 - 300 tons in our press shop department We offer press printing solutions for Our annual Sheet Metal production capacity is +3000 tons.

Special Machinery and Parts Manufacturing

Kalen Kalıp; It manufactures Special Machinery and Sheet Metal Parts such as Conveyors and Pipe Machines in accordance with sectoral needs.


Kalen Mold; It provides sheet metal moulds, sheet metal parts production, special machinery and metal processing services to the automotive, white goods, energy and electrical-electronics industries.
In addition, especially to the wooden packaging and heating-cooling sectors; It produces final products such as folding case hinges, wooden interconnects, hinge complementary products, water pump filters, stove parts.

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