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Kalen Pioneer in Die Handling Solutions

In an industrial world dominated by motion, conveyors are silent motors that power the crushing force of progress. Kalen Kalıp, the leading company in the field of mold manufacturing and industrial machinery, presents the Conveyor Systems series. Our conveyors are not just machines; these are the foundations on which modern industry works. This is what sets our conveyor systems apart.
When you invest in a Kalen Die conveyor, you are making a long-term strategic investment in reliability and efficiency. We leverage our extensive experience in mold manufacturing to design conveyors that meet the demanding demands of various industries.

Accelerating Automotive Production Lines
The fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing needs conveyors that can keep up. Our conveyor systems in this industry are designed for high efficiency, minimal downtime and exceptional durability, ensuring automotive production lines never miss a beat.

Conveyors in the Energy Industry
Our conveyors play a critical role in the energy industry, transporting raw materials and finished products with the highest efficiency. Rigorous quality controls ensure that our conveyor systems meet the stringent safety and reliability criteria required for energy applications.

Precision Conveying in Heating and Cooling
Conveyors in the heating and cooling industry generally carry sensitive and temperature sensitive materials. Kalen Kalıp conveyors are designed to operate under these harsh conditions and offer unmatched reliability and accuracy.

Powering the Electrical and Electronics Industry
The electronics industry needs conveyors that can handle small and complex components. Kalen Mold conveyors offer precise movements and customizable layouts that are ideal for high-accuracy electronic manufacturing processes.

Kalen Mold Conveyor Features

  • Innovation: Continuous R&D keeps us at the forefront of technology.
  • Personalization: Solutions tailored to industry-specific needs.
  • Quality: Consistent and reliable performance is guaranteed.
  • Global Reach: Reliable not only in Turkey but worldwide.

Our commitment to international quality standards including ISO 9001:2015 confirms that you choose unmatched quality when you choose Kalen Kalıp conveyor. Every conveyor system is rigorously tested to ensure it meets our strict standards of excellence.