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Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet Metal Parts - Kalen Kalıp

Sheet Metal Parts

Quality, Precision and Versatility in Sheet Metal Parts
Our extensive portfolio demonstrates our commitment to the right manufacturing process.
In the fast industrial environment where Kalen Kalıp's Expertise in Sheet Metal Parts meets tough demands, Kalen Kalıp stands as a giant in sheet metal parts production. Our company, which operates in capacities from 25 tons to 300 tons, offers unique solutions to many sectors such as automotive, heating-cooling, electricity-electronics, energy sector.

Sectoral Distribution of Sheet Metal Parts

In the automotive industry, our sheet metal parts are unsung heroes under and beyond the hood. Designed to withstand high stress and temperatures, these components are both lightweight and incredibly durable; this is the hallmark of excellence in automotive engineering.

Heating and Cooling Solutions
Efficiency and sustainability are the name of the game when it comes to the heating and cooling industry. Manufactured to meet these stringent standards, our sheet metal parts play a crucial role in the functionality and reliability of modern heating and cooling systems.

Miniaturization and precision are critical in the electric-electronics field. Our sheet metal parts offer the perfect balance between size and functionality, paving the way for more efficient and compact electronics.

Our contribution to the energy sector goes beyond just component manufacturing. The sheet metal parts we manufacture are at the heart of the operations that power cities and industries, underlining our commitment to reliability and excellence.

Sheet Metal Parts and Kalen Mold

The cornerstone of our Sheet Metal Parts production; quality and standards. Our commitment to stringent standards is reflected in every sheet metal part that leaves our production line. Whether it's a 25-ton component or a huge 300-ton piece, the quality remains consistent.
At Kalen Kalıp, sheet metal parts are much more than metal sections; they are the result of years of expertise, innovative thinking and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As we continue to set new benchmarks, our range from 25 to 300 tonnes is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to serve a wide variety of industrial needs.